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Hi, my name is Ray and, I am a fellow Armi Jager AP-74 enthusiast, I bought an old Jager from a pawn shop about 7 years ago and took it home only to find out that it had been pawned because it wouldnt shoot properly.

Well as you may have found,the parts for this gun are vitually non existant.As production ceased in the early 80's (Mr Jager passed and noone took over)

  the previous owner had "tried to fix it" him/herself, it had a damaged extractor tip & worn/filed firing pin...also a damaged barrell face because they made the pin TOO LONG and it rammed a hole in the barrell.

It would fire half the time and extract half the time as well...

needless to say I was really disappointed with the rifle.

One of my other intersts is machining, and Ive always been very good at making small precision type things.

The first extractor and pin I ever made worked perfectly and looked way better than the original factory parts!

So I turned a useless rifle into a fully functional one that could be enjoyed again.

These look easy to make until you actually try to do it,there is VERY little tolerance for mistakes on these parts, especially the extractor.

So, I decided to offer these parts where none exist otherwise, I have sold 7 sets to very happy customers already.

                                      Get them while the gettin is good.    Regards...Ray

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