Parts and info for your Armi Jager AP-74 AP-15 and other models

Welcome Armi Jager owner!


If you found my site,then youve probably been looking high and low for PARTS and info for that AP-74 or AP-15, they dont exist, do they?, well I am a fellow Jager owner/ and I decided as a machinist to make my own, the parts I produce are to exact factory specs,but even better,
















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































First I painstakingly produce the part, then I glass flatten all working / viewable surfaces and polish to a mirror finish, (yes,you can see reflections in my extractors) then I case harden all tips,anvils,and high wear areas.


 You can choose either natural bare polished / blued (black chrome look) or flame blue.


   I also make improvements over the stamped factory design to improve strength and smoothness of operation,the factory parts were often crude and rough and had to be "broken in" mine do not. check out the photos of my products, and youll be real happy you found me.


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